Insuring your Bicycle

While there are cutesy commercials and lizard spokespeople hawking insurance for your car, motorcycle, boat and home, little is known about bicycle insurance. Bicycle insurance is similar to car insurance, and will protect your bike in the event that it is damaged, stolen or causes damage to a pedestrian or other cyclist. Insuring your bicycle is usually pretty inexpensive. The average bike insurance policy is less than the cost of a few cups of coffee a month.

There are several types of bicylce insurance policies available for your biking needs. Chooseing the right one is
key to a smooth and protected ride.

Theft Insurance

If you are riding your bike on a regular basis or are in a big city, theft insurance is an absolute must. In some major cities, there are entire criminal organizations centered around bike theft, so chances are high that your bike may be stolen. Theft coverage is often covered in a basic bike insurance policy, or you can add it onto your existing policy. Many homeowners and renters policies cover theft, so check to see if your bike is covered under your current policy.

Bicycle Medical Insurance

Riding your bike can be dangerous at times. Careless drivers, small animals, pedestrians, broken pavement or rocky terrain can cause you to fall from your bike and be injured. Bicycle medical insurance policies cover your medical bills if you do not have an existing medical insurance policy. These policies are often very affordable and cover the majority of the costs of most bicycle accidents. Protect yourself in the event of a cycling accident with a medical insurance policy that is tailored to bicyclists.

Professional Cyclist Insurance

If you depend on your bicycle to earn a living, insuring your bicycle is paramount. Purchase a comprehensive policy that will cover your bike and replace it if it is lost or stolen. Bike messengers, delivery people and professional racers are especially vulnerable if their bike becomes broken or stolen. Find a professional bike insurance policy that will replace lost income as well as your bike.

Insuring your bicycle is essential to staying on the road and enjoying a safe and protected riding experience. Get a custom quote on bike insurance today.